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How to protect from cybersecurity attacks.

By IT Accuracy / April 7, 2022 /

Cybersecurity threats. Learning how to protect yourself from cybersecurity attacks is a highly undervalued skill. There are many different types of cybersecurity threats that can affect businesses. Malware, viruses, phishing scams, ransomware, are all on the rise and you need to have a strong cybersecurity strategy in place to protect the things that are important.…

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[Infographic] Steps To Take After A Network Security Breach

By admin / January 25, 2019 /

Did you know, over 90% of successful network security breaches happen in less than a minute? However, most go undiscovered for weeks. This is a scary reality. Network security breaches can happen to anyone. If your business stores sensitive customer data, a breach could have a significant, negative impact on your reputation. Just think back…

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What To Do If You Face A Network Security Breach

By admin / November 14, 2018 /

A security breach is a real risk for any business. Valuable data may be stolen which can have a negative impact on the trust element of a client/company relationship. Network security protocols should be in place for every business, in addition to a solid response plan which can help limit the damage to the reputation…

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Why Data Security Should Be Your #1 Priority

By admin / September 19, 2018 /

In the age of digital transformation where almost every business has a website, security has never been higher on the priority list for business owners small and big alike. Like many things, some people abide by the rules and use the software correctly. On the other hand, there are some people who break the rules to…

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What is DaaS & How Your Business Can Benefit From It

By admin / August 15, 2018 /

Business markets are more competitive than ever. With the adoption of a vast range of enterprise services, large companies are increasingly becoming more efficient and connected. That said, small and medium enterprises often have a hard time keeping up with today’s latest trends in technology, especially if they don’t have a dedicated IT staff. To…

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