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Our senior engineers have 15+ years of experience with the best most comprehensive IT solutions on the market. We are ready to help!

Network Services for Business

small business it consulting and project services

Small Business IT Consulting & Project Services

IT Accuracy is at your service!

We have the expertise and resources to help make your project a reality. Our experienced Project Managers and Architects are ready to plan, execute and close projects successfully!

Cloud Migrations

Everything’s better in the cloud

The cloud environment delivers an optimal combination of:

The IT Accuracy team are experts at bringing companies onto the cloud.

Cloud migration involves moving your corporate data and business applications to a cloud provider, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware Cloud. Once completed, your corporate information lives physically on a datacenter hosted by these major IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) providers.

With our help, you’ll be able to maintain a robust and secure infrastructure 24/7.

Network services for small business include cloud migrations
small business it consulting and cyber security includes penetration testing

IT Security Services & Penetration Test

Security breaches can occur almost anywhere...

Security has become a critical concern in the modern world. Even a poorly configured printer can present a security breach on a corporate network.

Our security experts have well documented procedures which are followed systematically when onboarding or assessing a customer’s network.

How can a penetration test save you from a cyber attack?

A penetration test simulates a cyber attack to evaluate the security of a business’ IT infrastructure. Using automated technologies, we scan your entire system to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited to get in into the network.

Why Perform a Penetration Test?

Security can be overwhelming. Let us do the heavy lifting!

It’s nearly impossible to secure all information 24/7, especially when your focus is on other parts of your business. New technologies and breaches are discovered everyday.

Failing to identify and deal with your vulnerabilities could result in catastrophic losses. We will do a full test of your systems and provide you with a full report. You will see what is good and what can be improved.

Let us focus on security so that you can focus on the business.

Penetration Testing is included in out Network services for small business
Network services for small business it consulting

Email Security & Continuity

Over 90% of targeted attacks start with a phishing email.

Email is the #1 threat vector of any organization. This is due to the ease of emailing any user within an organization, as well as today’s environment of open information. With LinkedIn and other forms of media, it’s easier than ever to target your users with social engineering attacks.

The small business IT consulting team at IT Accuracy understands these risks and knows that email protection is your best first-line defense. That’s why we incorporate the latest email security technology. This technology offers powerful filtering based on machine-learning, along with advanced threat protection, email continuity, and other features that keep you safe and secure on Office 365 or other systems and deployments.

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