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Benefits of Human Relation IT Management for Your B2C

When it comes to running a business and having employees, without the right incentive getting them to maximize their productivity can be difficult. Managers throughout history have tried various methods to interact with their employees in a way that optimizes their output. While there isn’t a concrete answer to the question of how to best motivate your employees, there is a new trend gaining a lot of steam in many different industries, especially IT management, right now.

That trend is the human relations management theory. The human relations management theory is a management model which asks the employer or manager not to look at the employee only as a hamster in the wheel, but a valuable independent person who should be treated as such. Not only is this the morally right thing to do, but it has been shown to increase productivity levels across the board, especially in IT.

To understand more about the human relations management, let’s take a closer look at how it works and what you can expect from it.


Human Relation Theory

HR theory is a theory that assumes your employees are responsible people who are self-motivated, want to work, and understanding of where they stand in the hierarchy of your company. This is a complete contrast to the more common theory that employees are lazy and unmotivated, and that the only way to keep them productive is with discipline.

When you choose to operate under the premise of the first theory, you open the door to a whole new world of motivational possibilities for your employees. This is especially important for businesses in IT who deal with cloud computing and other types of newly emergent technology. This is because results can be hard to quantify, and the work can become tedious or repetitive. The use of information technology in business is relatively new. Not many know how to handle IT employees to optimize their productivity levels specifically.

This theory states that you will get the most out of your employees by doing things like:

  • Explaining to them what purpose their work serves in the big picture.
  • Giving them the freedom to innovate and make decisions on their own as often as possible.
  • Treating them as if their work comes as naturally to them as rest or play, to boost their confidence.
  • Developing and training them so that you’re able to give them as much responsibility and freedom as their position can handle.
  • Rewarding them and giving them company-wide recognition when they meet company goals or perform admirably.
  • Using any other positive, motivational theories that will help keep their mind on striving for excellence within their job.


The Human Relations Perspective

Human relation theory within IT management is incredibly beneficial for your business. The importance of human relations really cannot be overstated if you’re trying to squeeze the best possible performance out of your IT workers. By supporting their growth and giving them the tools to succeed, they’ll have more freedom to innovate, and they will produce more high-quality work as a result. If you’re looking for an IT Consulting team that specializes in creating positive relationships, contact us.



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