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Why Backup Recovery is Essential for Your eCommerce

Websites are a company’s front door to the world, and if something were to happen to them, it could become a costly problem. From demonstrating your company’s professionalism, your business partners, selling products, or reserving services, it’s essential that your website stays up and running.


From hackers to malware to server corruption, at some point something is bound to go wrong. With the right backup recovery plan in place, you can have things up and running in no time making it look like nothing ever happened at all.


What is Website Backup?

Just as you back up your hard drive on a weekly or monthly basis (and you should be!), you can also backup your website. Think about all the hard work that has gone into your site. Imagine one day it’s gone and replaced by a fake advertisement saying this domain sells random products.

That would be terrible! If you want to make sure this does not happen to you, then it is crucial you have a few different places you store your website. This way you can initiate your backup recovery plan and be back to business as usual.


What Causes a Website to Go Down?

There are so many reasons why your website may experience a malfunction. Remember that accidents do happen. It’s easier than you realize to delete entire pages or chunks of pages on your website. Not only that, you have to watch out for hackers who are constantly looking to introduce some sort of problem to your site.

It may not even be a human error. Computers crash all the time, and maybe an update won’t work, or there was another sort of problem. It happens more often than you think. Cloud computing servers go down all the time, and people website’s and all the valuable data goes with it leaving users to start entirely anew.


How to Make a Backup Recovery Plan

Computer experts always advise for a redundancy plan. Redundancy is when you have numerous copies in different places and on different formats. It sounds counterintuitive because, in business, redundancy is generally something you seek to eliminate.

But for computing safety and cybersecurity, you want to make sure you have at least one copy of your website on a hard disk or USB drive then have it stored on a couple of different computers. Finally, you want a cloud data backup and recovery system so that you have all your bases covered. The best thing about it is that you can set it to update automatically. These automatic updates mean that you always have a copy of the most up to date version of your website.


Getting All Your Backup Recovery Services in One Place

When it comes to e-commerce backup and disaster recovery services, what’s most important is going with a reputable company like IT Accuracy that is skilled in managed services. If you have these bases covered, then you’ll be perfectly equipped with the best business disaster recovery services so that you are ready for any problem that might come your way. Contact us to learn how we can help you with all of your IT needs.



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