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How IT Support Prevents Security Breaches in the Workplace

Large businesses are in charge of valuable data that if compromised, could cause significant loss and backlash. With recent data breaches at major companies like Bank of America, Yahoo, and LinkedIn, no one is truly safe. All companies, big and small, are just as likely to be targeted.

Small corporations tend to have lower protections against digital threats, making them susceptible targets to malicious hackers. With the right IT support, you can ensure that client and personal information is safe against any outside threat.


Step 1: Train Your Employees on Security

IT support and security begins at the front-line with your company employees. Your employees need to be aware of any sensitive information that requires protection. Obvious information includes items like credit and social security number, but also details like addresses, names, and date of birth need extra security. On the other hand, you want to keep passwords secure. We always recommend updating your password every three months and maintaining it complicated, so that its safe against hacker activity.


Step 2: Protect Your Network

Take a look at your internet network, do you have the right guidelines in place to protect data? An IT security team can take examine your network, ensuring that you have firewalls and anti-virus software in place. They can also educate employees on cybersecurity so that they are aware of the potential threats they face online. Once managed IT services get implemented, you’ll have higher security levels in place to make sure your data is vulnerable to attacks.


Step 3: Secure Your Devices

Once an IT support team has examined your network, it’s essential to ensure your desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets are secure. With technological progress comes interconnected software like the “cloud,” making all devices are susceptible to a data breach. You’ll want your IT team to check any devices that might connect your network and set up processes like periodic password changes and even two-step verification processes. By implementing strong passwords, your sensitive data is much more protected.


Step 4: Ensure Proper Disposal of Equipment

Proper disposable of a tech product is something that many people fail to think about. Before you sell, donate, or recycle the product, you will need to clear any sensitive information that remains. A factory reset might not be enough if you are dealing with an experienced tech. An IT support team can do a full sweep, wiping out all data and clearing it of your business and personal info.


Step 5: Guest and Vendor Access

Preventing a security breach takes more than just the proper passwords or expensive software. As a business, you will need to secure access to your network. Creating a limited network restricts the access and protects data like IP addresses.


Preventing Data Breaches through IT Support

Your data represents a gold mine to potential online threats, which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure it is safe. With right professional IT services and the right security measures, you can make sure it kept safe so you can focus on making sure your business runs smoothly. Contact us to see how our professional IT services can protect you from a data breach.



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