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Why Server Support Is Vital For Your Business

Servers are places for businesses to store, access, and exchange data. Businesses are dependent on many components for success like computers. Servers are a vital part of any company’s growth. Server support can provide safe and secure storage and communications solutions. It is a valuable investment to businesses of all sizes.


Essential Functions of a Business Server

Servers should scale down to a company’s needs. Your business will need sufficient hardware to cope with unexpected traffic spikes. A marketing program, for example, can dramatically improve online traffic; it is essential that your server can function efficiently in alignment with these increases.


Server Support Services

Securing hosting email – While Gmail and Yahoo can provide email solutions, domain-specific email addresses can massively improve digital reputation.

  • Hosting eCommerce – Secure and efficient transactions are essential in eCommerce. Personal and financial client information needs security at all times; your business can hold legal responsibility if you fail to keep the right protections on your data.
  • Hosting a website – Your web host determines the speed and efficiency of your website and can also make a massive difference in your search engine ranking.
  • Hosting applications – Using a remote server means you will not need to purchase equipment which you’ll have to store. Instead, you can rent it through the cloud.
  • Creating a virtual server environment – If your business covers multiple brands, you may need a virtual server interface. If your employees work remotely, you may need virtual desktops.
  • Data backup – Backup is crucial in server support. Backing up to the cloud improves your data storage security. Doing so enables you to reload any part of the business quickly should something is unexpectedly lost. The efficiency of this service could also help to avoid embarrassing explanations to clients— the issue rectifies itself before anyone is none the wiser.
  • Storing documents – Create a backup library of your business documents that you can recover instantly. This service also enables employees to work remotely.


How We Can Help

At IT Accuracy there are a number IT solutions to choose from, including desktop as a service which helps to eliminate on-premise management and allows employees to access a cloud desktop using two-step authentication safety from anywhere in the world.

We know how important it is that the technical side of your business runs seamlessly. In the online world, system crashes are a common occurrence. You can quickly lose passwords and documents. IT Accuracy offer essential desktop support technical support that can prevent these occurrences and prevent issues that could potentially provide devastating financial loses.

IT Accuracy has more than 15 years of IT experience with the most up to date IT solutions in the industry. Our senior engineers and architects provide server support that is specific to your needs as a business and offers a unique network assessment for every client. We strive to create a cost-effective plan for our clients and build long-term mutually beneficial relationships that will add unparalleled value to your business. Contact us to take your first step towards IT protection.