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What is DaaS & How Your Business Can Benefit From It

Business markets are more competitive than ever. With the adoption of a vast range of enterprise services, large companies are increasingly becoming more efficient and connected. That said, small and medium enterprises often have a hard time keeping up with today’s latest trends in technology, especially if they don’t have a dedicated IT staff. To keep up with emerging technologies, more and more companies are embracing the use of a virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI that allows users the ability to access their platform from anywhere. To do this, they use as Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) subscription where a cloud computing provider helps facilitate these needs. DaaS is the wave of the future and can have a significant impact on your company’s productivity.


What is DaaS?

For those of us who are not technologically oriented, this can sound like a lot of tech jargon that is hard to comprehend, but DaaS offers a valuable service that will make running your company smoother and more secure. It allows for your entire network system and its associated tasks like data storage, security and backups to all take place automatically along with regular system upgrades and so much more.


What Else can DaaS Do for You?

There are many different DaaS examples. With DaaS services, you can decrease your operational costs because there is less to invest in hardware. The average company employing experiences a decrease in hardware spending by over fifty percent each year. Without having to worry about hardware and its associate malfunctions along with reduced power expenses (not to mention saving space), it frees up a significant portion of your budget.


At the same time, DaaS buffers you against malicious data and virus attacks because your information is safely protected offsite and also always backed up, so you don’t have to worry about hardware failure and data loss.


Increased Mobility and Flexibility

The increasingly mobile environment means you need access to crucial files at any given place and time. In fact, DaaS in cloud computing is one of the top strategies today. With DaaS, you can access your virtual desktop from anywhere and on any platform form Window to Mac and Linux and desktop, and mobile. More than anything, if something were to go wrong, a team of experts and state-of-the-art AI Recovery Point Objective team like the one at IT Accuracy is there with built-in recovery and problem management solutions that kick in automatically 24/7. This means that any issues are often resolved before you even notice them.


DaaS- The Perfect Choice for the Modern Business

DaaS systems are all about taking advantage of the best in the latest tech. They give you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and have all the information you need in one convenient and secure location. So consult with one of our IT solutions experts today to see how it can benefit your business!



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