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What To Ask When Hiring An IT Specialist

These days IT specialists are more important than ever. They manage everything from our computer networks to data security and so much more. For most of us, however, the language of IT specialists is simply something we do not understand. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the most important questions and topics for you to raise when you’re hiring your IT specialist to make sure you get the perfect fit for your company’s needs.


1. Certifications and Education

When it comes to people like doctors and lawyers, degrees and schools can tell you a lot about the quality of service that they can provide. Computer skills are a little bit different. People always use examples of people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who dropped out of college to create the world’s most recognizable companies.

With that being said, generally, you want an IT specialist who has either an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in information technology fields. What’s more helpful is certifications and, generally, the more the better. Some of these you’ll recognize like Office, Adobe, Cisco, Oracle, but then there are other ones like programming languages like CSS, Python and more. These are all good signs of a qualified IT specialist.


2. Hardware, Software, Network, Internet

Your company’s computer system has a lot of different components. There is the physical hardware, the software on the computer, the network that connects them, your online presence, and backup and disaster recovery.

Although these may all just seem like computer terminology, they are all quite different and even a great IT specialist may not know all of these fields because each of them is very complex. You need to ask which of these areas your IT specialist can cover, as well as referrals for areas they can’t. For example, a network administrator might not be able to fix your computer’s motherboard but should have a contact who can.


3. Security and Documentation

The main job of an IT specialist is ensuring the safety of your company’s private data and ensuring that this information is organized and well maintained. The idea is that they are creating a database that can expand with your company to help your business scale appropriately. They should also have redundancy checks in place so that if one server or computer fails, there are plenty of backup options.


4. Past References and Work History

As with any other candidate, this is essential but doubly true for an IT specialist. All IT specialists have access to a goldmine of sensitive information from employee records, to your company’s goods and services, and so much more. You need to ensure this individual is trustworthy and honest. You need to follow up with all past references to ensure you are working with the best person.


Selecting the Best IT Specialists for Your Company

Finding the best IT specialist is no easy task. You want somebody professional, reliable, and capable. These days, many enterprises and businesses are turning more to outsourcing IT management. By doing this, you are ensuring that you are working with qualified and vetted professionals like IT Accuracy who are guaranteed to do an excellent job.

Contact us to see how our professional IT services can help the company reach its best potential in the digital age.



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